A mathematical approach for visualizing cell migration during tumor progression

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Karina Vilches

Catholic University of Maule
"A mathematical approach for visualizing cell migration during tumor progression"
The present research project consists of a mathematical approach that captures and explores a wide range of mechanisms and biological variability to simulate the collective cell migration during the tumor progression. This orchestrates multiple phenomena in cancer dynamics is represented by a chemotaxis two-species system, which is supported by an extensive literature. In this respect, we promote the realization of modeling platforms that facilitate the integration of interdisciplinary perspectives in tumor progression. Furthermore, the theoretical migration scenario of tumor cells extends the previous results of the chemotaxis and chemotaxis-haptotaxis systems adding more complexity to the mathematical model for representing these cell-cell dynamics including micro-environmental influence. The seeking of regimes in which tumor invasion occurs with a low total mass of tumor cells could be an interesting initial point for an interdisciplinary discussion about theoretical results obtained, and how such analytical results could be transferred to the laboratory. This last consideration is that the density of tumor-associated macrophages in tumor site results in an important characteristic to identify the cancer state, and some researchers suggest that targeting processes required for collective migration may be effective in combating certain types of tumors.
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Virtual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology, 2020.