Treatment control is one of the most important factor to reduce the spread of COVID-19 epidemic

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Koushik Garain

"Treatment control is one of the most important factor to reduce the spread of COVID-19 epidemic"
On 31st December 2019, China first reported WHO about a unknown disease and on 11th February 2020, WHO announced the name COVID-19. On 11th March 2020, WHO declared COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) as a pandemic. It is the global health crisis in this time and is the biggest challenge we have faced since world war two. To curb the spread of COVID-19, most of the countries implemented lockdown but the pandemic is still growing significantly. Our aim is to show that lockdown is one factor only to reduce transmission of the diseases but one more important factor is treatment control. In this paper, we propose a SIRS model with a treatment function. In this model, we have determined the basic reproduction number R0, which is inversely proportional to the treatment capacity. We can control the outbreak of COVID-19 when the basic reproduction number is less than one. We will show that increasing the maximum capacity we can stop the disease. Example of China shows that treatment is playing a bigger role, China set up a special 1000 bed hospital in just 10 days. Lockdown and quarantine are not sufficient and increasing the capacity of treatment to maximum is suggested to decrease the infective population.
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Virtual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology, 2020.