Predicting Drug Resistance by Applying Machine Learning to Molecular Simulation

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Mohsin Saleet Jafri

George Mason University
"Predicting Drug Resistance by Applying Machine Learning to Molecular Simulation"
Distinct missense mutations in a specific gene have been associated with different diseases as well as differing severity of a disease. Current computational methods predict potential pathogenicity of a missense variant but fail to differentiate between separate disease or severity phenotypes. We have developed a method to overcome this limitation by applying machine learning to features extracted from molecular dynamics simulations, creating a way to predict the effect of novel genetic variants in causing a disease, drug resistance, or another specific trait. As an example, we have applied this novel approach to variants in calmodulin associated with two distinct arrhythmias, as well as two different neurodegenerative diseases caused by variants in amyloid beta peptide. The new method successfully predicts the specific disease caused by a gene variant and ranks its severity with more accuracy than existing methods. We have applied this methods to predicting cancer drug resistance for specific variants.
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Virtual conference of the Society for Mathematical Biology, 2020.